EdTrainer Face-to-Face Workshops
Pre-Service Training - Workshop
Price: $37.00

8 Clock Hours

 Workshop Pre-Service Training satisfies the required 8 hour training for those entering the service of childcare without experience. This course covers topics related to the following:

  • Age-appropriate activities for children
  • Positive guidance and discipline of children
  • Fostering of children self-esteem
  • Supervision and safety practices in the care of children
  • Positive interaction with children
  • Preventing the spread of communicable diseases
  • Recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome
  • Preventing sudden infant death syndrome
  • Understanding early childhood brain development
1 Training Manual Per Participant
   Guidance and Discipline - Workshop
Price: $22.00
3 Clock Hours

The purpose of this course is to provide educators the essential knowledge and skills to guide children in a positive manner in order to produce desired behaviors. The course covers the following topics:
  • Appropriate Discipline
  • Positive and Negative Reinforcement
  • Positive Discipline Techniques
  • Possible Reason for Misbehavior
  • Responding to Misbehavior
  • Understanding nurturing
1 Instruction Guide for each Participant
Health, Safety and Supervision - Workshop
Price: $22.00

3 Clock Hours

Focuses on the prevention of injuries, the spread of communicable diseases and the appropriate techniques for ensuring a safe and nurturing environment

   Effective Communication for the Educator - Workshop
Price: $22.00

3 Clock Hours

Designed to equip the educator with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with children, parents, and the community; Hands-on learning with authentic scenarios

Age-Appropriate Activities: Learning through Play - Workshop
Price: $22.00

3 Clock Hours

Focuses on designing learning activities that promote critical thinking in students of ages 0 through 9; Make-and-Take products to use with students; learn to use songs to facilitate learning.

   Time and Stress Management - Workshop
Price: $22.00

3 Clock Hours

Learn the basics of prioritizing crucial projects, manage conflicting demands, reduce pressure, and master multiple tasks with confidence.

Classroom Management - Workshop
Price: $22.00

3 Clock Hours

This course is an introduction to K-6 classroom management techniques. Topics include: physical space, behavioral norms, safety, time management, managing student work, and managing other special classroom needs.


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